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Taste as you go. Learn as you grow.

Cooking should be fun and easy. I focus on simple ideas while using wholesome, real foods. My "recipes," if you can call them that, are more so just ideas that stem from finding ingredients in my fridge or pantry, and tossing them together to discover my latest creation. I want to teach people that cooking doesn't have to be tedious or intimidating, and by throwing caution to the wind, you're likely to cook up something fabulous!

In Moderation.

Where Food and Fitness are Life.


​The food I love to create is always posted over on my Instagram account, @KelseyInModeration

About Me

I'm Kelsey. I live in a remote city in Northern Alberta, Canada. I'm a small business owner, wife, double doggy mom, auntie, Traeger girl, and food lover. As a full-time fitness trainer, I'm always working towards further certifications in health, wellness, and nutrition.

 This website is all about my never ending quest to find the perfect balance.